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Shanghai Maritime University

In Autumn 2007, months after the passing of Mrs. Ruth Mulan Chu Chao, the Foremost Foundation, under the direction of

Dr. James S.C. Chao, established the Mulan Marine Simulation Memorial Building at Shanghai Maritime University in loving memory of Mrs. Chao.

Angela Chao and her father, Dr. Chao were very pleased to see the tremendous impact the marine engine and navigation simulator was having on the quality of education and training received by the University’s students.

During their various site visits to Shanghai Maritime University since its opening, they have been able to tour the Mulan Marine Simulation Memorial Building, experience first-hand some of its simulation exercises, and hear from University.

Administrators and the student body about Shanghai Maritime University’s increasing stature in the arenas of international education, scientific research and professional training.

Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) was founded in 1959. Approximately 15,000 students from America, Europe, Asia, and Africa are diligently engaged in high-level learning in a large number of academic disciplines, including: liberal arts, economics, sciences, and law. While many are focused on shipping management, economics and technologies, students at SMU matriculate with internationally recognized degrees from many academic areas of study, preparing them to be the scientific, engineering, and maritime leaders of their countries.

In 1984, Dr. and Mrs. Chao established the Shanghai Mulan Education Foundation which provides qualified, needy students the opportunity to secure the outstanding educational offerings available at SMU.


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