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Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Foundation Joins Forces with Carnegie-Tsinghua

Jul 17, 2017

The Carnegie-Tsinghua Young Ambassadors Program

The Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Foundation Partners with the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center

Ruth Mulan Chu Chao’s passion for building and strengthening the cultural ties between her homeland—China—and her new country—the USA—is well documented. Her children have often spoken of the courage she displayed in coming to a foreign land, as well as her lifelong dedication to ensuring that they never abandoned their culture of origin, but rather blended their two cultures into a single paradigm for success. She imbued her children and others with a strong belief in the power of education. Through her philanthropic endeavors, she initiated programs that would expand access to quality education for all who are qualified, regardless of means.

Mrs. Chao invested countless hours in advancing projects that would improve Sino-American relations. Her legacy lives on through the many initiatives of the Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Foundation and now it will expand even further as the Foundation partners with the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center to establish the Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Young Ambassadors project. As part of this project, two young ambassadors will carry the torch of Mrs. Chao’s work to the next generation of leaders. They will undertake a variety of activities that reflect the essence of Mrs. Chao’s vision and values, and participate in a project at the Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Kindergarten in Anhui.

Carnegie-Tsinghua Young Ambassadors Build Bridges to the Future

The Young Ambassadors Program prepares the leaders of the future, empowering next generations to participate successfully in a globally-connected and challenging environment. The Program focuses on three core strategies to achieve its objectives:

1. Providing emerging leaders with an in-depth understanding of the many challenges facing the global community today, including international and domestic security, sustainable resources, economic security and growth and energy development.

2. Nurturing long-term relationships among peers, alumni, and mentors from across the globe in order to build a sustainable platform of cooperation for the future.

3. Encouraging international collaboration as a means to develop and strengthen critical skills such as analysis, leadership, and technological literacy.

Removing Barriers and Building Trust

In addition to the Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Young Ambassadors project, the Young Ambassadors Program has three other elements that serve to advance its mission, goals, and objectives.

Global Internship Program: Each year program participants have the exciting opportunity to put their feet on the ground and experience the dynamics of foreign policy as it unfolds by interning in Carnegie’s growing global network. Tasked to one of Carnegie’s international offices, the interns interact with foreign policymakers and gain invaluable insight from leaders in the field.

US-China Trust Initiative: Seeking to remove one of the chief impediments to a smooth and fruitful China-US relationship—lack of trust—the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center has created a channel whereby emerging leaders from the United States and China can come together and develop applicable strategies for rebuilding this trust. Discussions and activities are facilitated by leading experts from both countries.

Alumni Network: The Young Ambassadors Program has established an extensive international alumni network that includes participants from just about every market sector including academic, government and corporate. In this way, the accomplishments of the program can be built upon and continue far into the future.

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