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Chao Family Foundation's Support for National Committee on United States - China Relations

Jan 1, 2013

Chao Family Foundation made a gift in 2012 to support the Foreign Policy Colloquium held annually by The National Committee on US-China Relations. The Colloquium was initiated 11 years ago. Over a period of three days, Chinese graduate students from across America are brought together with the top influencers of America’s foreign policy, including think tanks, political and government officials, NGOs and corporate leaders. The seminar exposes participants to an intense examination of the intricate factors that influence foreign policy decisions.

National Committee on United States-China Relations

The National Committee on United States-China Relations was established in 1966 for the purpose of opening channels of communication between the US and China, chiefly to thaw out what was at the time a rather difficult relationship between the two countries. The Committee’s academic, business and civic leaders strongly believed that it was in the best interest of the US to have positive interactions with China. In a non-political fashion, the Committee initiated programs of cultural, educational and technological exchanges that would create an atmosphere for positive, stable and long-term mutually beneficial interactions.

Carla A. Hills chairs a distinguished Board of Directors that consists of the most prominent corporate and political leaders of the US. Through the leadership of the board and its committees, the founding principles of the National Committee’s initiators have been preserved via a rich matrix of programs designed to strengthen communications, exchange and outreach between the US and China. Programs include: political and national security briefings, educator and student exchange programs, sister-city programs such as visits to Chinese cities and exchange opportunities for city leaders, collaborative projects to address natural disasters, collaborative work on economic and environmental sustainability issues, open exchange of intellectual and technological ideas, public information campaigns and other strategies to facilitate mutual cultural understanding and appreciation. As a member of the Young Leaders Forum of the Committee, Angela Chao was especially happy to be involved with the Chao Family Foundation’s gift to support the 2012 annual Colloquium.

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